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Healing Health

High Five

The normal stresses of life are already enough for most of us. However, there are hidden things in our everyday lives increasing the intensity of stress, pressure, exhaustion, brain-fog etc. These are 5 key things to explore. There may be just a few simple changes that produce big results.


Is Your Body Acidic? A Silent Killer


Hunger, Abdominal Fat, Mood Swings, Anxiety, Worsening Memory and Concentration, Chronic Fatigue, Decreased Sex Drive, Irritability,

Food Cravings etc. -


Any of this sound familiar?


At the end of 1978, there were roughly 400 food ingredients in the US. Today, the FDA has over 3,000 food ingredients with over 1,500 being man-made chemicals. As awesome as they are, our bodies were simply not created to keep up with this level of complexity. Our bodies recognize these as foreign substances/toxins and work very hard to get them out or store them in fat cells to keep the rest of your body safe. Our bodies response to feeling under attack, is to naturally produce a hormone called, cortisol. It is your fight or flight hormone that tries to get you pumped up to take action. However, if you are just sitting at work or home having a snack or drink, it is likely not an appropriate time you want your body preparing to fight or run away.

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The pH Food Chart on the right may be of great help to improving the quality of your life. Your body is supposed to balance at a neutral pH of 7.4. If you eat and drink heavy on acidic foods, your body will become acidic and produce higher levels of cortisol believing it is again, under attack. You will be surprised at how a few small changes can bring major change in your body.


Coffee - Caffeine or Cortisol

Coffee is not bad, but you must be aware of what's going on in your body with that black gold. Caffeine is a brain stimulant that makes you mentally alert and not pumped up or wired. What makes you 'pumped up' from coffee is the acidity that enters your body causing it to release cortisol, your 'fight or flight' hormone. Inside, your body thinks it's under attack. Any high acidic food does this, but higher acid coffee is a commonly consumed top culprit. Folgers, Mr Coffee are two of the highest acidic coffees. Artificially increasing cortisol will INTENSIFY whatever mood you are in.

If you are:

  • Happy, you will be more happy

  • Depressed, you will be more intensely depressed

  • Anxiety, you will have more anxiety

  • Angry, you will be on edge with more intense anger

  • Focus problems, you will have more focus problems

  • Good or Bad Addictions, you will be more likely to pursue addictive behaviors.

WARNING: Cortisol is the only hormone that MUST and will be burned off some way, some how. It stays in your body. Your body thinks you're under attack so you must fight or run away. Excessive cortisol created artificially, from non-fight or flight conditions will build in your body and brain and cause significant neurological and health problems.

Many people who experienced some level of childhood trauma are often addicted to coffee and other high acid foods. This artificially continues the addictive cycle of trauma and anxiety.

Are You Toxic?

Your body intuitively knows when it's about to be hit with food or toxins it can't handle. But don't panic, it can do miraculous things to heal itself. Some simple things can bring major toxic shock reduction to your body and brain and bring you major relief, energy, wellness and clarity. And radical results can happen very quickly.

Healing Health - High 5:

  1. Remove or reduce low pH items of 3.0 from your diet on the pH chart above

  2. Add a few high pH 8-10, alkaline whole foods to your diet

  3. Get rid of toxic soap, shampoos and toothpaste. 90% of these have acids and chemicals that make you feel 'clean' but that tingling is actually burning your body and gums and causing cortisol release in your body and near your brain. (Get Organic on Amazon, Whole Foods, Aldi etc)

  4. Buy Healthier Food - The healthier countries in the world spend 2-5x more on their food. American households spend more on fueling cars and trucks than how we fuel our bodies. Don't just buy cheap or expensive food. Find out what you are eating. See the Chart on the Right. Our temptation is often rooted in our Childhood Development and Childhood TV Commercials - HERE.

  5. Drink pure water and more than you do now. Water is the primary carrier of toxins OUT of your body.

Burning Cortisol

TOP 5 Cortisol Reducers

  • 30 minutes of any stress free natural exercise (No TV)

  • 20 minutes of quiet time

  • Calming/Soothing music (not stress inducing and best is no words to let your brain rest)

  • Laughter - Want to feel better? Hang out with a friend that makes you laugh!

  • Sleep 8 hours and eat higher pH (Alkaline) foods and less lower pH (Acidic)


Pure Nutrition

Cleanse your body of built up toxins, then flood your body with pure nutrition and it will heal itself, even from many years of damage. Our body is constantly renewing and rebuilding itself at a cellular level every day.

  • Skin is replaced every 2 weeks

  • Red Blood Cells - 120 days

  • Liver full replacement - 400 days

  • Brain Cells are for a Lifetime - You grow new ones every day, but most critical parts of the brain are never replaced. When they die, they die. Whatever food you eat is fuel for existing body systems but also the building blocks of new cellular growth. If you eat a Big Mac today then that is the fuel that your body is using to grow new brain cells...

There are many shake/nutrition products that offer quick fixes. CAUTION: Many have cortisol producing, unnatural and toxic ingredients. You may experience problems such as anxiety, anger, hunger, forgetfulness and gain toxic fat. Without exercise, these ingredients may artificially increase your cortisol levels and cause other unhealthy behaviors.


World's Largest Traded Commodities:

1. Oil

2. Coffee

Movie with Coffee in Every Scene: 

"Fight Club" 

Coffee Beginnings: 

Discovered in Ethiopia by goats going crazy after eating beans. From 1,000 AD, mainly consumed in the Islamic world and was directly related to religious practices. From Arabic quwwa ("power")

Rob's Favorite  Smoothie Comparison Chart

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