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Our Values


We seek clarity as the Lord guides when we consider the stories of our life that hold confusion. Truth takes back ground that evil steals with whispered lies.


As we engage our story and the stories of others we do so with honor.  We honor all that engage their story by loving them where they are.  We never push or require more than anyone desires to walk.


As we explore our story and who we are created to be, we engage others and ourselves with kindness. Kindness is what speaks against what evil intends for harm.


We commit to provide a sacred place of comfort and care.  We are free to be honest about ourselves and our own emotions. In a safe place we listen and do not interrupt or judge.  A safe environment allows what is hidden and breaking through to come into the light.


When we engage our stories with honor and kindness, finding clarity in a safe environment there can be exponential growth and impact. This is everyone’s desire for each other.
Rob Brown Look Inside
Rob brown

Rob 's leadership with corporations, groups, and individuals has brought powerful transformation to thousands of men and women in six different countries. He is passionate about growth in every area of life, and leading hands-on, structured workshops is his oxygen. Rob and his wife co-founded Look Inside Inc, an organization focused on personal transformation and growth.

Francie Brown Look Inside
Francie Brown

Francie is passionate about people. It is this passion that has propelled her to lead women's ministries, facilitate workshops and retreats, and to be a school teacher. It is her deep desire to encourage those that she engages to live to their fullest potential. She is passionate about men, women, and young people becoming more than they can imagine.
She leads retreats, speaks and is now an author. Francie continues to love her children and is thrilled to have two grandchildren. Rob and Francie have been married 26 years and live in East Tennessee.

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