Be the hero of your story

A 48-hr Personal Growth Experience

Life is too Short

Have you attended countless conferences, read stacks of books, and frequented counseling sessions, but have never felt lasting change?
Don't be stuck doing the same things over and over again,
expecting new results. 
Save Time with a Focused Plan
Don't Waste A Moment
Eliminate guesswork with clear direction for your personal growth
Get a Taste of Freedom
Experience powerful freedom in just 48 hours
Revive Hope
Renew your passion for growth and find new hope for your life

Have you ever felt alone in a room full of people?

We have too. 

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Founded in 2010

Join A Community of People Focused on Personal Growth

The Plan

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Step 2: 
Step 3:
Eliminate the guesswork
People are looking for ways to grow, but are stuck wasting time. At Look Inside, we provide a 48-hour experience in which we engage your story with clarity, honor, kindness, and safety. People no longer have to wander in circles without clear direction. Join this community and become the Hero of Your Story.
  • Revive your hope for the future
  • Develop clarity for your growth journey
  • Foster healthy relationships
  • Experience a taste of freedom
  • Find your value in relationships
  • Start a Focused Personal Growth Plan