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Be the hero of your story

Experience Clarity, Freedom, Healing and Hope

Life is too Short

Have you attended conferences, read books, engaged in groups or counseling, but haven't had lasting change?
Don't be stuck doing the same things, expecting new results. 
Save Time with a Focused Experience
Don't Waste A Moment
Eliminate guesswork with clear direction for your personal growth
Revive Hope
Renew your passion for growth and find new hope for your life
Get a Taste of Freedom
Experience powerful freedom and escape isolation

Do you often achieve your goals, but it's never enough?

Have you ever Been in a room full of people, and still felt alone? 

We have too

Be Part of A Community Focused on Personal Growth

2,500 Alumni
160 Nationwide Events
Founded in 2011

OUr Weekend Events

Every experience we offer has a common foundation of engaging with honor and kindness the story of your life
Cascade Story.gif
Everyone has 6-8 stories that have shaped the trajectory of their life. Explore one of yours and find clarity, discover truth and experience healing.
Group Guns.jpg
Get set upon a path to healthy relationships while experiencing freedom and escaping isolation. Through the story of your life, come to know and be known.

The Plan

Step 1: 
Step 2: 
Step 3:
Discover Your Story and a new path to personal growth
Many people are looking for ways to grow, but are stuck. At Look Inside, we provide structured experiences engaging each other in an environment of clarity, honor, kindness, and safety. You no longer have to wander in circles without clear direction.
  • Find your value in relationships
  • Experience a taste of freedom
  • Develop clarity for your growth journey
  • Foster healthy relationships
  • Revive your hope for the future
Register now and become the
Hero of Your Story
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