Mountain Range

48-hr Personal growth experience

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Developing a personal growth plan is nothing new. In fact, for some, it sounds like drudgery or new years resolutions that often don’t work out. However, we’ve had the honor to learn a great deal from over 2,000 alumni about personal growth.


1. There are people who are interested in personal growth and people who are not.

2. An effective personal growth plan is as unique as the person.

3. The plan must be designed in the context of a persons story, taking into consideration their past, present and unique desire for the future.


This is why two people can read the same book or attend the same conference or see the same counselor and it change the trajectory of one life and have little or no impact on the other.

This 48 hour experience is a blend of small group collaboration and individual private time, allowing for each participant to engage in instruction, interactive exercises, and group activities. Groups are limited to 6 people with one facilitator throughout the experience. 

We guide each participant through the process of developing their own personal growth plan with 5 essential building blocks of Incentive, Tools, Vision, Connections and Action. By the end of the event, each person will leave with their own practical, laser-focused, action plan designed for you and by you. Participants discover small, medium and big changes and create action items for implementation in 24 Hours, 7 Days and 30 Days. 
Some examples from participants:
  • Clean out best intention, partially read books
  • Take the TV out of our bedroom
  • Replace my mattress
  • Delete those 2 apps from my phone
  • Paint my home office a bright color
  • Buy new hiking shoes
  • Call both of my brothers
  • Keep my eyes open for one new, close friend this year
  • Instead of mom hi-jacking my day, set her number to go directly to voicemail to call back when it's good for me