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Personal growth experience

Having the honor in ten years, to work with over 2,000 alumni in the area of personal growth, there are 3 clear lessons.​

1. There are people who are interested in personal growth and people who are not.

2. An effective personal growth plan is as unique as the person.

3. The plan must be designed in the context of a persons story, taking into consideration their past, present and unique desire for the future.​

This is why two people can read the same book or attend the same conference or see the same counselor and it change the trajectory of one life and have little or no impact on the other.

Within a small group, we guide each participant through the process of developing their own personal growth plan with 5 essential building blocks of Incentive, Tools, Vision, Connections and Action. By the end, each person leaves with their own practical, laser-focused, custom action plan. Participants discover small, medium and big changes and create action items for implementation in 24 Hours, 7 Days and 30 Days.

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