Story Coaching

We provide private sessions for one-on-one exploration with a trained facilitator. This is for those who have engaged one of our books OR an alumni of our retreats or groups.
Nothing to book right now. Check back soon.
“Exploring my story again a few weeks later made all the difference for me. After some retreats, so much of what I gain fades. Doing this follow-up was as valuable as the retreat itself. Francie and I uncovered connections in my life now and the most critical piece is a path forward." – Melissa

“I’m still amazed that so much about my life can be learned from a story of one afternoon forty years ago. Rob, going through my story with me, line-by-line, was stunning. Around every corner was a diamond or ruby that I would have never seen. It turned my story of shame into a treasure hunt of priceless jewels." – Tim